Free download Unreal Tarot APK for Android

Description of 虚幻塔罗牌 Tarot has been a tool for divination for a long time, and people believe that Tarot can have a deeper understanding of its inner world. 1. The software simulates the real shuffle environment and replaces the traditional cards to complete the divination operation. 2, fast sharing function, can share the divination results to others to seek help. 2, the software contains a complete 78 tarot cards, each card has a detailed card interpretation, suitable for beginners to quickly get started with tarot cards. 3, including 25 commonly used cards, you can quickly understand the Tarot card divination system. The included cards are as follows: Lucky star divination, one card divination, yes/No divination, two alternative speculation, one week fortune, Four elements of divination, big cross speculation, tree of lovers, love card (triangle), inspirational bureau (friendship), Look for object type (x shape), marriage card type (windmill type), self-exploration type (diamond shape), work/business card type (one shape), Money/rich treasure type (v type), December luck type (o type), future development type (star), seven-planet estimation method, fate estimation method, Lucky five refers to divination, the zodiac, the diamond speculation, toriental Prosperityhe birth palace, the creation of the cup divination, and the Venus love card.

Version history 虚幻塔罗牌 New in com.haveroad.tarot 1.04 1. Increase the font size. 2. Repair small defects. Please rate this app

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