Black Jack Download SPLITTING PAIRS

If a player holds two cards that have the same denomination like two fives or two hearts, the two cards can be treated as separate hands when the player’s turn comes around. On one of the cards, the bet’s amount will go to either of the cards, and a similar amount will be placed on the other card as a bet.

A player will make plays on one hand by hitting or standing a couple of times, and then the right hand will be played afterwards. Both hands will be treated differently as the dealer will also settle on each hand as each play turns out. If a player has two aces, a card will be given for each ace, but the player will not make another draw. Additionally, if one of the aces is dealt with a 10-point card, the bet and the payoff are equal.

A player should already know his strategy for splitting pairs before pulling up a seat at the table

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